Pro-Life, anti-sex trafficking
& Single moms

Pure and Faultless


Rahab’s Corner addresses the issue of women and girls being prostituted in the slums. They provide a life for women and girls where they are safe.

Brave Moms


Being a single mom can be overwhelming.  The Brave Moms ministry within One More Child at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes wants to come alongside these women to help in any way possible.

Global Women


Moldova is a hub for sex-trafficking.  Global Women partners with local ministries within the country to fight sex-trafficking and help empower women through economic and spiritual development.

Emmanuel House


2 out of 3 girls in Moldova who age out of the orphanage system as teenagers end up trapped in sex-trafficking.  Emmanuel House is pouring Christ’s love into the lives of these girls to help them see and experience a brighter future.

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