Emanuel Hospice


Nobody ever wants to receive a life-threatening diagnosis. The world instantly becomes dark and lonely. And in a country where palliative care is desperately needed, Emanuel Hospice is bringing light to seemingly hopeless situations.

Samford University

Dominican Republic

God is working in the hearts of students in Samford University’s School of Health Professions.  The opportunity for them to serve individuals in the Dominican Republic opens their eyes to how they can minister back home.

Honduras Baptist Dental Mission


Names are important to God. And through healthcare services, alongside the church, many more names are being written in the Book of Life.

Hope Health Center


Hope Health Center offers help to those who can’t afford it. They don’t treat patients as a number, but take time and listen to each individual case.

Global Women


Haiti has the highest maternal death rate in the western hemisphere. Global Women serves as a learning and empowerment hub for women in this poverty-stricken nation.

e3 Partners

Middle East

e3 Partners has found ways to open spiritual doors through medicine across the Middle East and Central Asia.

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